Improve the isolation efficiency by using spring mounts

The spring isolation mounts are responsible for increased static deflection as compared to the rubber mounts. Thus, the mounting springs have greater isolation efficiency and are preferred for critical applications. They are also used in mechanical equipment which generates low-frequency vibrations. The selection of the spring mounts can be made on the basis of the load, spring deflection and the size of the mount. Let us take a look at the wide variety of vibration spring mounts.

HVAC spring mounts: The spring vibration isolation mounts are used by the building owners to install the heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment. The HVAC

HVAC spring mounts

HVAC spring mounts

spring mounts dampen the vibrations and reduce the transmission of noise from the equipment to the building structure and support frames.  Besides the spring mount HVAC, vibration noise pad HVAC is also used by the installation team depending on the application requirement.

Spring flex mount isolator: The isolation mounts come with a very rugged construction. The coil spring is at the core and is well supported by the base plate and also encased in a metallic housing. The metallic housing restricts the spring to be compressed beyond the limit by stopping the motion of top plate. The elastomeric element in the spring type anti-vibration mount prevents the metal to metal contact and dampens the vibrations.

Vibration damping spring mounts: The standalone spring mounts or the parts mounting spring have a high horizontal stiffness, which may be higher than the vertical one, in order to prevent them from falling over when they are subjected to minor horizontal forces. This has helped in eliminating the housing that was used to bind the spring. The neoprene/rubber friction pad is used at the bottom of the vibration isolation mount to prevent the passage of noise. The spring loading and adjustment bolt is provided at the top with a cap locking screw to hold the cap in position. The spring mounts vibration damping and noise control is exceptionally good.


Vibration isolation pads

Vibration isolation pads

Vibration isolation pads: The rubber and cork combination is at the center of the vibration isolator pads. Cork with its typical noise attenuation properties is sandwiched between two layers of rubber or neoprene elastomer. Natural rubber vibration pads provide maximum resilience and vibration isolation. Natural rubber also contains anti-ozone compounds to improve ageing. The standard Neoprene vibration isolation pads give a longer life and also provide some oil resistance. The vibration damping pads can reduce noise, high-frequency vibration from generators, transformers, pumps, compressors , chillers, HVAC units, and power presses to name a few.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been instrumental in supplying the isolator mounts and vibration damper pads to meet the specific customer requirements since the year 2003. Since then its business has grown by leaps and bounds because of the quality, cost competitiveness and a wide variety of products available from its stable. Whether it is a typical plastic vibration mount or a simple vibration pad for the hydraulic press you can be sure of finding it at AHI.

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